Web development

  • Prices are from 25 000 rub per a turn-key basis project. Usually it can be 50 000 or 100 000, or even 150 000 rub and more – it depends on the type of website, and also it’s abilities, design, texts, CMS (Bitrix or something else), 1C necessity, etc. Anyway, it will be entirely finished product, and without any layouts and “*” (what means the price of entering check mark cost this much and replacing of material cost that much).
  • Terms – from 2 weeks to several months.
  • Creation on a turn-key basis, redesign, simple additions, complex promotion and optimization of websites of any complexity: it can be a simple “business card”-site, status project, fully-functional online shop, portals, aggregator or something else.
  • We use both popular free CMS and paid ones. We work with more than ten different CMS at the professional level (including self-made projects). We do not provide sites for rent: everything we create is yours. Our development work includes: hosting settings, corporate mail, cloud protection and consultations.
  • We use html5, css3, cross-browser and the modern and clean methods of promotion. We also make adaptation to mobile segment.
  • We do not bureaucratize the process. If detailed technical specification is provided – we’ll work with it, but simple ways are also welcome. Your first step is to fill the form – or to discuss all the necessary details during a coffee-break with us – and then we promptly start working. Our cooperation scheme is absolutely transparent and legally clean.
  • Reasonable scheme of advance payment – you should not pay 70-100% in advance. 

1C – from 2200 rub/hour (and it’s not expensive)

  • Automation of large companies (systems of business processes, conclusion of treaties, cooperation between branches and subsidiaries, etc.). 1С is not only for accounting: it is also high-expensive contracts, months and years of work, immersing in our clients’ business.
  • Updating and elaboration of different configurations and technical support for all 1C products, even very rare ones.
  • Integration with online shops.
  • 1C in clouds, remote work, servers.

Website promotion – from 20 000 rub/month

Yandex, Google и иные поисковики
  • Real results on any subject. First effect will be seen after 1 month.
  • Terms – from 3 months to 1 year (depends on competitiveness and frequency of theme). Flexible budget.
  • Only transparent methods, no exchange, cheap autolinks, cheatings and sanction risks.
  • In addition to SEO a context advertisement can be used.
  • The result will not be lost while website is working, all the actives will “wake up” right after resumption.
  • Promotion includes technical support and service, work with texts.

Website support (included in promotion)

Replacement of staff programmer
  • Almost all types of CMS.
  • We’re always online. Interchangeability of each perpetrator.
  • All possible ways to be in touch – phone calls, messengers, etc.
  • Technical monitoring of resource efficiency, virus protection, updates, correcting the errors, correspondence with hosting, etc.

Design (negotiable prices/with the other works)

Webpage models, logos, 3D, presentations
  • Logos, design models or simple rendering for websites.
  • Corporate style, brandbook of the company.
  • 3D-models, interior and exterior visualization (300 rub/m²).
  • Selection of graphics, work with sliders on the website.

Translations (prices are estimated with the other works)

  • Translations from/into Russian and English.
  • English-version presentations.
  • Literary text processing.

Copywriting (prices are estimated with the other works)

Any text services for IT both in Russian and English
  • Connected work of copywriter and SEO promotion specialist (unique texts are always in demand).
  • Text content for all types of webpages, content rewriting.
  • Selling-oriented landing page.
  • Creating presentations.
  • Working with large amount of information, editing.
  • Filling up the catalogs.

Video/photo service – from 25 000 rub per project

Filming & shooting, interview, photo & video editing, processing, YouTube, location map
  • We are just a friendly studio. It’s a hard time for mass-media, and personnel aims at commercial customers.
  • Prices are lower than wedding photographs and operators can offer.
  • Wide experience and high quality.
  • With or without politics – as you wish.

SMM – from 10 000 – 15 000 rub for one social network per month

All popular social networks and services
  • Instagram, Facebook, Vkontakte, Twitter, etc.
  • Creating & writing blog (5-7 days per week) + account, VK groups and webpages promoting (targeted audience – 700-1000 people per month).
  • Personal account for CEO or company’s webpage/VK group.
  • Positive image working in the Internet.
  • Advertising campaigns into our sources, mailing, etc.

Android & iOS – it’s cheap, but not low-cost -)

Development & support for applications
  • Self-standing projects of any complexity for Android and iOS (Apple/iPhone/iPad).
  • When website is made, and all functions are set up – you also need an application.
  • Be a leader in your field – create applications and monetize it.